As a lover of exotic nature, a trip to the United States less complete without a tour to the Grand Canyon. Yes, a visit to the Grand Canyon are phenomenal’ve been my dream for a long time. Grand Canyon is actually a steep canyon, resembling a cliff, which is cleaved by the Colorado River winding. With a length of 446 km, a width of up to 29 miles, and reaches a depth of 1,800 m, the extraordinary nature over millions of years has formed the Grand Canyon into a stunning panorama in the state of Arizona, like a giant carving masterpiece on a barren rocky area however beautiful.

Grand Canyon, which is a phenomenal natural wonders in the state of Arizona, United States, seen from Guano Point
With a large area, many spots to admire the beauty of the Grand Canyon, but in general the location of a tourist destination is divided into four sections according to cardinal directions, namely North, East, South, and West. This time I chose to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk is in the western (Grand Canyon West), one of the newest attractions at the Grand Canyon which is very tempting for lovers of heights. Incidentally this location is also the most easily accessible from Los Angeles, where a stop while in the US. From Indonesia, the easiest route is to Los Angeles, California, on the east coast of America. Many airlines that serve the route Jakarta – LA, but all must transit, whether in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Seoul. From LA, the journey can continue by road to Las Vegas, Nevada, for 4 hours, followed by a trip for 2 hours to Grand Canyon National Park. The easiest and flexible way is to hire a car at the airport, like most Americans do. However, please note, you have to bring an international driver’s license and also should be familiar with the left wheel. If you are not sure, you should take a bus to Las Vegas, then followed with a package tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

At that time, me and my friends chose to drive his own car because my friend is quite adept at driving in America so often assigned to it. Intentions of the heart still want to drive a legendary Mustang Shelby GT500, but seeing-do with congenital segambreng, finally we choose MPV cars that fit a lot. Due to travel far enough, we decided to stay first in Las Vegas, new morning went to the Grand Canyon.
The trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon really spoil the eye. Vast desert expanse with a high cliff cliff seems to be an appetizer for a main course which was very tasty. We also passed the Hoover Dam dam the Colorado River. This dam was built in 1935 and is still considered one of the wonders of modern technology in the future. After approximately 2 hours, we reached the last point the car can enter the Grand Canyon West area, right next to the airport pioneer.  Grand Canyon West is home to the protected area as well Native American tribes, the Hualapai (more popularly known as Indian tribes, even though this misguided Americas when Columbus thought was India, the real purpose Columbus expedition). Not surprisingly, the first greeting after dropping out of the car is “Welcome to the Hualapai Nation.”
After parking the car, we entered into a large tent where the sale of admission tickets and souvenirs. Visitors must purchase a minimum of tickets Hualapai Legacy Package, which consists of Hop-on-Hop-off shuttle bus to three locations, namely Eagle Point, Guano Point, and the Hualapai Ranch. Now the ticket Hualapai Legacy Package is US $ 43.32. Since we also want to stroll on the Skywalk, then we have to buy tickets for the Legacy Gold Package for US $ 80.94. This package is actually the Hualapai Legacy Package plus Skywalk tickets and lunch. Although quite expensive, but it seems a pity that had long come not to the Skywalk.
Along the way from the car park to Eagle Point, the location of the Skywalk, we’ve entertained with sand dotted giant cliffs. In less than half an hour, we’ve arrived at Eagle Point, where the first stop. Eagle Point itself is a name given by the Hualapai Tribe. I was immediately stunned to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon from near. High cliffs reddish brown decorated with stripes of rock layers with a stretch of the Colorado River meandering really majesty the Creator that can not be matched. As far as the eye can see only desert, steep gorges and rivers that seem so small as far away down there. Thank God, I do not think I saw the Grand Canyon dreams, not just the Green Canyon, can be realized at the time. It seems like a group of girls scout camping.
Without wasting much time, we rushed to our main destination, the Grand Canyon Skywalk. A U-shaped transparent bridge without poles, the Skywalk is a masterpiece of engineering new building opened in 2007. It is located very strategically at the edge of the canyon overlooking the bend of the river, the bridge extends as far as 21 m from the lip of the canyon, with a height of 240 m from the lowest point in river mouth. With the floor and the guardrail form transparent glass designed specifically to withstand the load of human and natural phenomena such as wind, rain, and snow, Skywalk be a best platform to witness the beauty of the Grand Canyon from the rim of the canyon.

With construction costs of about 30 million dollars and the complexity behind the making, I think the tickets are expensive enough deserves to be redeemed. Anyway, before entering the Skywalk, we exchange the ticket to lunch first. When walking on the bridge, we were not allowed to carry any goods, including cameras. Even footwear should be coated cloth gloves to prevent scratches on the glass floor. The bridge is not too wide, roughly just enough for 2 people passed. At one time, the number of people on the bridge is limited to 120 people. The management also provide photo services in the middle of the bridge, which is almost always purchased by visitors although expensive. When else can the photographs narcissistic over the Grand Canyon Skywalk with an exotic background. About the view from here, do not be asked again, certainly really pretty and it did not want to move. The concept of this bridge is to provide a platform for people to see the Grand Canyon from the perspective of “eagle view.” Visitors indeed as if flying over the Colorado River at a height level to the top of the canyon, a most ideal spot to admire the beauty of the giant cliffs around while enjoying the beauty of the curve of the Colorado River.

Once out of the Skywalk, we went to the amphitheater which is located just behind the Skywalk. Unfortunately, there is no show at the time. Fortunately there are a variety of original home in such a very unique Hualapai Tribe. The most typical is Wikiup, which is home of the cone-shaped small pieces of wood are often portrayed in cartoons. There is also a shop selling authentic handicrafts made in the Hualapai Tribe.

Satisfied enjoy the many attractions in Eagle Point, we went to Guano Point. With the concept of Hop-on-Hop-off, visitors can anytime go to the next place. Guano Point offers a broader view as it is located on a hill. Visitors should be a little trying to climb a hill to get a view of 360 degrees which is really remarkable.

I was really amazed to see the sights high cliffs layered with canting the Colorado River below. Every direction the eye can see is just a reddish brown cliffs with sand around him. But here the visitors should really be careful because there is no fence around the perimeter. Because here there are several points of observation, select which is located quite far from the brink. If want to get to the hill closest to the edge of a cliff, make sure you can walk and climb the hill with very carefully. Surely this point provides a view of the most powerful sensation.

Satisfied looked at the work of God Almighty, we decided to go back to the car park because it was getting late. We did not visit the Hualapai Ranch because of time already mepet and not our main goal. The main attractions at the Hualapai Ranch is a vehicle that depicts the life of a cowboy style Hualapai Tribe. Here visitors can learn to make a knot and horse ride cowboy. For us, it was not too special and our main goal has been reached, so the option to immediately return it feels more appropriate given the long trip back to LA that day.

Anyway, on the way home, there was an interesting event when we go back to Las Vegas. As information, the journey from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West must pass through a dirt road in the middle of the desert. When in the middle of the desert, suddenly we came upon a long traffic jam.

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How to Fix the Hard Diesel Engine

The diesel engine is an engine technology that has a compression ignition combustion system so as to reduce the high temperature gas and are not required spark plugs in the engine. The diesel engine has been widely applied in various industrial sectors such as the automotive industry is in creating heavy equipment used for building construction and manufacturing industries commonly use this as a kind of machine manufacturing machine control system. However. Indeed, these machines often run into various problems such as difficulty machine is turned on. Engine cases like this are common in diesel engines and can be caused by several factors which are usually problematic in the crank lever that does not have a good air supply.

How to fix a diesel engine is hard to start up is not an easy problem. You must seek first the main causes that can cause your diesel engine is hard to turned on.

If the cause of the problem is difficult to turn on the engine because the crank lever can not rotate you can solve it by setting the air supply compressor exceeds 20 kg / cm2. By doing this, the air pressure in the engine will be increased so that more air supply and will be able to crank the lever rotates. if it causes problems because of engine trouble turning the crank lever can not be moved, causing heavy diesel engine be turned on when you have to follow the following way.

How to fix the machine caused by the problem can be dealt with using the right engine oil is to match the characteristics of the engine oil with a diesel engine you have.

Diesel engines are known to be identical with something dirty and not environmentally friendly. For example look at the chimney issued by industrial machinery and motor vehicle diesel engine black smoke, dirty, and not environmentally friendly. Although much is known diesel engine fuel efficient.

Diesel engine and gasoline engine is actually not much difference in terms of layout. Both have a crank drive, valve mechanism, frame cooling and lubrication systems.

Diesel engines are often in the corner to the less favorable position compared to gasoline engines. At least there are misconceptions about motor vehicle diesel engine is already considered to be correct.

When taking care of the car, not just the body and interior that needs cleaned them. The machine also needs to be in order to be easily detected seepage on the machine. If diligent cleaning the car will look. Not only the exterior, engine parts would be unsightly.

By looking at the development of the diesel engine remains to this so it is reasonable that the business side was named a global issue. Moreover, understanding the diesel engine in Indonesia is still minimal.

Reason black smoke, loud noise, and vibration from the beginning of diesel engine technology is still embedded in society that make the image of diesel excluded. To reduce or eliminate such opinion there needs to be improvement of diesel to the public image.

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Car Light for Night and Day Light Protection


Lighting isn’t only important for illumination purpose. Lighting also can become a protection from car accident, if it’s for car light. There are also many types of car lights for this purpose, like day time lights and roof cab lights.


Day-Time Running Lights is basically lighting system that you can use during day light. Yes, it seems ridiculous, when you have to turn on the light, when the sun light is so bright on the day time. However, this light is important and useful, when you want to give sign to the car in front of you when you want to make a turn. Or, you also can use it to give sign to the car that want to make a turn, to hold their position, because you are run at high speed and it’s not likely to stop suddenly to give their chance to turn. In the past, the day time running light use halogen or xenon type light. But today, many car manufacturer and light brand use LED light as their main component. The LED light make it energy saver. Plus, it’s pretty strong and weather proof.


On the other hand, Roof Cab Lights is very important for night travel. It’s not worked as main illumination light. But, the light that is usually placed on top of vehicle has become the mark to show the size of the vehicle. More than that, the placement that is near the driver help the driver to see at night. This light also use LED light for the same reason with day time running light. And today, the roof cab and day time light isn’t only made for protection purpose. Many car manufacturer and light brand create a really beautiful design for these products. Therefore, many people also use this light for decoration. It’s good thing, though. The car owner still gets good protection, plus their car appearance will looks better with them.

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How To Plow Through A Garage Clean Up Fairly Easily

“You can not bear in mind when, though there is a container of a and also this case of that particular, possibly your kid’s outdated your bed, and some lawn gear that absolutely should have proved helpful at one point. To make it into a workable room, is indeed overwhelming that even though you understand that every single experience starts with one particular step, you can not conceptualize in which that first step can be, It’s a veritable rainforest of garbage and the notion of taking on the clear procedure. You’re not incorrect: step one is not merely the most challenging to handle, but sometimes practically difficult to view. But there are some tips to generating the storage area clear in fact controllable. Here’s what you ought to do.



Things are all better with dark beer. But from this we imply either you use drink in an effort to entice your pals into the future enable you to. On the other hand, just to dangle looking at oneself for a task well done. But when you can aquire a handful of equipped-systems amigos in the future around for a day to help you shift issues all around and also be an additional set of muscle, that can not merely make your laborious task more fulfilling (given that you will reach catch up and snap the wind), but it’ll ensure it is a lot more easy. Several hands make light, or less heavy, operate. I don’t know too many people who would not be enticed to aid for that promise of a great frosty one or 12 after.

Large Hauling Potential


Probably many of the rubbish with your storage area is too large to fit to your auto. How could you have that rusty aged yard mower towards the dispose of or maybe the Goodwill with your Accord? You can not, that’s accurate, you really can not. So, when you’ve managed to set aside a weekend to really tackle the garage, you should consider finding some trucks for rent with a location like A 1 time rental is virtually practically nothing, and could be made-up for by promoting several of the items inside the garage area. But anything else might be jam-packed to the pickup truck and taken on the put completely. Striving to get it done piece by piece will be torment. It’s a lot better to get a automobile that can be loaded to the gills with all your previously prized possessions and put aside to get damaged, someplace far out of your car port.

Begin Small


If your garage area is definitely a big clutter, and you’ve set aside a weekend break to get to function, another good idea is usually to invest 15-a half-hour every day in the few days top rated around the important weekend break organizing issues. Sometimes probably the most challenging element of a huge work weekend break is just piecing jointly the pieces at the very top. It may seem absolutely tiring if you want to haul a lot of things aside but it is just about everywhere. So, if you a little amount of function in the week preceding, adding things in cases, or at a minimum arranging stuff into garbage or stuff to help keep, the important day time may be more about the important movement of large things. And once you have your helpers there, they won’t stay all around wondering what they’ve obtained them selves into, they will notice that there’s an idea.”

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Buying a Used Porsche for Performance

Buying a new car leaves us all with an awesome feeling, but right after driving off the lot that car drops in value significantly. The same is true of a Porsche as is true of any other automobile, but there are some valid concerns when buying a Porsche that is used. Having a professional mechanic examine any used Porsche prior to purchase will help to prevent purchasing a car that might have a large number of mechanical or other hidden problems. Purchasing a used car from CT Porsche Dealers should include knowing how the car was driven, was it a weekend car or a daily driver? Did the person who drove the car ever push it too far? Answering these questions will give the buyer an idea of where the car is at in terms of condition, and how long it might last for.

Driving Experience

When someone buys a Porsche, they are looking for a driving experience that is unparalleled in other vehicles. They want to drive a car that is going to give them a sense of excitement, while also delivering an experience that screams precision. Of course most are familiar with the iconic exterior of a Porsche, but the driving experience is just as iconic. An incredible amount of acceleration paired with high top speed is the trademark of what makes a Porsche a Porsche. Those who are looking for a quiet ride should look elsewhere, this is a car for the thrill seeker.

Unique Brand

Porsche automobiles are manufactured in Germany, and like most German cars they feature parts and manufacturing techniques that are very unique. These unique features will mean that it costs more in many instances to do maintenance on these vehicles. These additional costs should not be a problem for those who are thinking about buying one of these cars, because the cost of entry itself is higher than what is charged for other cars.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Those who choose to buy a Porsche are often wanting to drive a car that attests to their own personal sense of accomplishment. After spending a life time working hard or pursuing a goal, it is very important to purchase a car that reflects these points in life for some people. Owning a Porsche is something that will speak to the soul of someone who truly loves to drive, and this because those who design and build them share the same passion. Read the rest of this entry »

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